Amouranth — top 1 twitch girl streamer.

I know exactly why you’re here, so I’ll give you brief biography and the most striking facts about this hottie 🙂

Full name of Amouranth — Kaitlyn Bezos Siragusa. Birthday — 2nd of December, and she is 27 years old. The future Twitch star was born in the USA, Texas and now living in Houston. As streamer recalls on her childhood, she was raised in strict family. Lovely bae doesn’t have a boyfriend! Looking for Amouranth nude photo? You are in the right place!

Height — 5’4″ ft (165 cm)
Weight — 121 lbs (55 kg)
Breast — 89 cm
Waist — 61 cm
Hips — 87 cm
Cup size — 34 C
Foot size — 7.5 US

This e-girl is well-known as a streamer who made and follow trends. Currently, mention must be made of one important factor: did the Twitch created «Pools hot tubs and beaches» because of her? Who knows, and everyone knows Kaitlyn is making impossible numbers of active viewers on each stream. More than 10-30 thousand? Easy-peasy!

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Streamer calls herself «Memes Ninja», and it’s absolutely true. She knows creative ways to hype on new trend. In March 2021, Amouranth beated the Pokimane’s record and became the most popular female streamer on Twitch which was watched by the most people. To sum up, the number of her subscribers on Twitch has exceeded 3.7 million! She started streaming in 2016 and, bae, THIS IS THE SCORE! Keep going!

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Perhaps the road of extremely hot content began with a well-known occasion. The girl was banned for a long time because she forgot to put on her panties while, as if nothing had happened, she was lying on the floor with her dog. Just for a few seconds fans glanced on a juicy pussy!

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Let’s run through fascinating facts about this beauty bomb:

  • Kaitlyn Siragusa made a lot of cosplays (anime characters, videogame heroines, top memes costumes and etc.). Chick started her cosplay journey in 2010, at the age of 16, when she went to high school.
  • Hot stuff loves drawing and painting.
  • The main hobby is Costume Designing.
  • In 2015 organized company for a kids which connected to entertainment industry.
  • She had phD in Savagery with a minor in сringe.
  • The most passion — being a weirdo, or just being herself.

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What about a content? Besides the simple chitchat, Amouranth rarely plays Overwatch and Pokemon. Young maid adores to dance almost with no clothes on. She also makes ASMR videos, shows horse riding and demonstrates her pets, broadcast live drawing sessions, and sharing her gym workouts.

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She already have four bans on Twitch. I really don’t wanna know what will be next. Since receiving negative comments for her pools and ASMR broadcasts on Twitch, she had once made serious decision of deleting account on a platform. There is nothing to fear: Amouranth is profitmaking and essential Twitch partner. For instance, her funds from donations was amount approximately at $7 million.

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