Shurjoka (Pia Scholz) — was born on October 4, 1997 in Graz, Austria. Started streaming on Twitch in 2014. In addition, he runs his own YouTube channel. She plays games on her streams. In addition, she loves cosplays and makes them very cool. Shurjoka sexy and nude photo:

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Shurjoka loves dogs very much. She has two dogs, Kiba and Joy:
Joy — Golden Retriever (9 Jahre alt)
Kiba — Deutscher Schäferhund (Tierschutzhund, Alter unbekannt).

They are insanely beautiful, we advise you to look at their instagram. Do you like her dogs?

Social media statistics:

Twitch — 189.8 thousand followers
Instagram — 63.8 thousand. subscribers
YouTube — 47.5 thousand subscribers

Shurjoka has a very well developed Twitch channel, and is watched by a fairly good number of viewers. YouTube and Instagram are not doing so well, but they have a lot of potential. So subscribe to it.

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Shurjoka sexy and nude photo

Sexy cosplay
Very beautiful
Beautiful tummy
Very sexy
Gorgeous dress
Peerless legs
What a piercing look
Beautiful breasts
Sits well
Hides her chest. Sorry it won’t help her.
Very cute
Beautiful eyes
Just woke up <3
Beautiful Booty Shurjoka
What butterflies
Beautiful cosplay
Beautiful makeup and jewelry
Here comes the chest, gorgeous <3
Pretty Girl
Something carries
Gorgeous sponges

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