Chelsea Sandy xMinks is a popular Australian Twitch and YouTube streamer with over 356 thousand subscribers on Twitch. Date of birth: January 25, 1992. Place of birth: Australia. Currently resides in Los Angeles. She has a model appearance: a burning brunette with brown eyes, an athletic fit figure, height: 179 centimeters. But she attracts her subscribers not only with external data, but also with a rich inner world.
She plays Call of Duty professionally, actively participates in EB Expo, Gamescom and Call of Duty World Championships. Game video creator. YouTube link. 
Xminks graduated from the University of South Australia. She became a pharmacist, but decided to start streaming, as it took up all of her time. She worked in the main specialty for a short time.
He does not tell about his personal life, it is known that she met with the Call of Duty commentator Matt “Mister. X ”Morello. Currently not in a relationship. But with her looks and intelligence, xMinks will not be alone. If you want to win her heart, treat her to tiramisu.
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